Pro-Bono Work

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Pro-Bono Until You Consistently Provide the Value You Want

In the music industry, rarely will you get opportunities to prove yourself and practice your skill set. As promoting companies and venues crack down on the ever increasing amount of media present, it becomes more difficult to get that valuable, real world experience needed to build confidence and your portfolio. Probono, technically known as working for free is going to be your key weapon while you begin to build your empire and make yourself and your brand known in the industry. Continue to offer your services for the lowest price possible so you can get the rhythm needed to consistently provide the same, high caliber value to your current clients which will translate to high paying returns from your future clients.

Take Every Opportunity You Can to Learn

When a big name artist or group is in town, when a company needs assistance or you hear a friend mention videography, take the job. Pay out of pocket and continue to build your presence. With the internet there are boundless tutorials and time for you to practice your skills but nothing validates your business and increases your confidence like a real, money making entity using your service and displaying your product. Continue to say “Yes” to jobs, even if they don’t pay what you want because it’s the valuable experience and the continued learning and growth that will reward you in the end.

Free for Hight Profile Targets

When building your portfolio, your social media accounts and your overall reach, nothing can help propel you forward faster than a mention by a high profile artist. If you’ve been humming along pumping out free work then chances are you’ve had the ability to build your portfolio up. Reaching out to a high profile target and saying you will produce a 45-60 second recap for free has a great chance of getting accepted and paying you so much more than the time and effort required to produce the final product. **For example, when Ferry Corsten came to town, I emailed their management (and called) by finding the addresses on his website. I linked our other videos and said we would do it for free. They agreed and we were able to add a $20 million dollar and legendary artist to our portfolio. We got so party with Ferry, meet his management and team (one of which was a founder of the visual coordinating software, Resolume)**. The more big targets you hit the greater the chances of another known artist using you. These targets and the exposure they give you will also lead to more jobs and most likely high paying ones since their audience and reach is broader than yours.


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