Commercial Media Production



Just like in any episode of Discovery’s “How It’s Made” show, showing off how machines work has always been fascinating for us.  We can provide your company with a variety of media to share with your clients to show off your capabilities.

Whether you want to show the variety of products you can produce, how specialized you are, or how broad your scope of capabilities are, we can help to drive the perception of your customers in a positive direction, ultimately increasing your sales.


Generally speaking, corporate videos tend to be boring.  We have never understood why the concept of telling the story of a corporation should be considered, by default, to be bland; especially when you consider that the rise of any company has more drama and intrigue than most Hollywood blockbusters.

When we set out on a new corporate project, our goal is to picture ourselves leading that company, and then we decide how we would want the messaging to be presented.  Essentially, we’re not happy until you have a compelling story about your brand to show to the world.



Whether it be for eBay, Amazon, or for your own personal storefront, good product photography can offer an insane advantage over your competition.  Have you ever been to a competitor’s website and seen photos that were clearly taken with an iPhone?  I’m sure you looked at those and didn’t feel threatened, but in order to make sure that you can remain competitive, it is important to maximize the quality of your production.

By focusing on the quality of our image capture process, we ensure that your products will be represented in a way that will convey to your buyers the quality that they expect to receive.

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Real Estate

They always say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  When you consider that a video has 24 pictures per second, that figure increases dramatically.  According to Forbes, “More than 80% (of senior executives) said they are watching more online video today than they were a year ago.”

By producing a video of your property, you are effectively giving yourself a leg up on the competition who have mostly decided that still images are sufficient enough to convey the dynamic nature of a new home.

If you want an avenue to share the true nature of your client’s home, video is the answer.

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