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Having quality photographs of your products on Amazon, eBay, or your personal storefront is one of the easiest ways to stand out from your competition.  We strive to provide you with images that perfectly convey the quality of your product while also adhering to a strict set of guidelines for use on major online sales hubs.


Seamless White Backgrounds

Our white-background product photography service is ideal for any products that are being sold online.  Major online e-commerce websites such as eBay, Amazon, etc require high-quality images shot against a pure-white background in order to be listed on their site.  With a high-attention to detail, we make sure that every product has a photo that represents its quality to help you sell more on these e-commerce sites.

Turnaround times for these projects varies on size, but we typically deliver your shots to you in 2-3 weeks from the date we receive your products and finalize order details. If you are in a rush, please let us know and we will try to accommodate your request.


Photo Details

  • 3000x2000 Resolution: High-quality JPG file with a resolution that is perfect for distribution online and small prints.  For higher-resolution images or different file types, please contact us.
  • Pure White Background: Every image comes with a perfect-white background that will help your product stand out on any website.
  • Online Delivery: All of your images are delivered electronically and stored for up to 1 year, free of charge.
  • Unlimited Use: You may use your images as often as you’d like in any fashion that you choose.


Adding transparency to your images allows them to be used on any colored background.  After taking your pictures, we can manually trace the object’s edge to cut it out from the background making it independent from any color that was there before.

In order for you to use this transparency, we deliver your images as a layered TIFF file which includes the transparent layer.  Not only does this include the transparency, but you will also receive a higher quality file as TIFF files are uncompressed.

Add $10 per photo*

Groups of products or complicated shapes may be quoted extra.

Macro Photography

Macro Photography

Buyers online are unable to physically hold onto your product.  Providing them with close-up photos of your product allow them to see important details, textures, or nuances of your product that they would not have been able to see from a normal product photo.

Pricing – FREE!

Since it is so easy for us to provide this service, we do not charge extra for it.  Getting Macro shots of your product will only count as an additional photo count in our normal White-Background Service.  If you require transparencies, we will still need to add the $10 per photo charge to the macro photo.

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